Friday, February 8, 2013

Joel Cruz Birthday~A Celebration of his mother's LEGACY

Born on the 5th of February, is the Multi-millionaire, the Lord of Scent, a good son and brother, and now a father of twins, JOEL SANTOS CRUZ,  rather than celebrate his birthday grande, he make it a simple celebration (duh?!, now I am lost to the real meaning of extravagant, you will know what I mean later if you look at the pictures...hahaha) to honor his mother, Milagros Cruz surprised by their close families and friends.

Fortunately, we were invited to that event. For everyone information, my Dad and Joel Cruz are first cousins, and we are really close to them. Her Mother, Nanang Milagring as we fondly called her was super kind, nice and is so down-to-earth. She never failed to invite us every time there were family celebrations and occasions. My grandfather Lolo Tino, who just passed away last year was Nanang Milagring's brother. 

The stage provided at the porch was useless due to sudden downpour so the venue was moved to the main living room using the grand staircase as the stage. The host for the day, Mr. John Nite of Kuya Germs' Walang Tulugan.

The celebration started at 12:00 noon. Host John Nite, called the celebrant and his mom to the stage as guest sings happy birthday. It was also a surprise for Nanang Milagring who was all along lost and thought that this was Joel's birthday celebration. She didn't know that this occasion was offered to her. After singing, Joel spoke few words to thank all the people who gave time for the occasion. And thank his mother as well for what he is today.

Followed by family pictures, all seven Cruz siblings and partners with the matriarch of the family. From above left to right, Totoy, Freddie, Boyet, Tessie, Letty, Nanang Milagring, Marivic, Vanessa, Marilou, Joel, Maricon, Michael. 

A sumptuous lunch was served.  I was not able to take pictures of the buffet table because of so many people covering the area. But the lechon area are free and so is the spicy seafood soup.

After lunch, we are gathered again at the living room for some programs especially prepared for the guest and of course, surprises for Nanang Milagring. A video presentation from families, friends, relatives and even neighbors.  All words of praises and kindness coming from all of them.

There's also a mini-raffle for the guests, some prizes includes gift packs, dealership from Aficionado and cold CASH ranges from P1,000.00 to 10,000.00, how's that?

There are also some special number from special guests to perform for the event, Ms. Dulce, whose performance awed almost everyone in the room and Aficionado's image model Ronnie Liang.

A sample of Ms. Dulce performance...

Merienda was also served, an all-out selection of food was all over the place. From baked macaroni, carbonara, bibingka and puto bombong, coffee and hot chocolate for cold weather, turon, banana fritters, sweet corn, halo halo, ice cream and many many more varieties of foods.

A special gift for his mother, a proposed lay-out of the building plan for the construction of her house at Sisa Street (another event in the future to watch out).

Picture taking after the show.

The affair ended at exactly 7:00pm followed by a fireworks. What a beautiful affair indeed!~ 

Ciao! til my next blog...(-_-)

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