Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tramway Bayview Buffet

One lovely Sunday, my husband asked us to go out for lunch. We chose to eat at Tramway Roxas Boulevard, formerly Dragon Gate Restaurant because of many reasons. First , it's an eat-all-you-can restaurant, we will never bother to choose what to order. Second, it's cheap, for the price of P 238.00 per person, we're going to pig-out as long as we want. Third, it's newly opened, so I guess and I suppose the ambiance was nice.

A long line awaits us maybe because it's Sunday and there were mostly families dined-in.  While waiting for our turn, my children playfully took these photos.

The ambiance was of the typical Binondo Chinese restaurant with red table clothes, but the place was huge. There are also many function rooms at the second floor of the restaurant.

A big chandelier crowns the wide and spacious restaurant.

 The table number was posted at the back of tissue box (very creative huh?!)

A display of a large orange-colored glass fish at the buffet table more likely an Arowana...

side by side with this plastic flower arrangement (they really didn't want to do things all over again...what an effort!)

Honestly, I was disappointed with the taste of the food. It's not like the typical delicious Chinese foods. Most viands   are tasteless. What I like most is their sweet and sour pork, yang-chow fried rice and the clam. The others are total disappointment.

Their Main dishes, Sweet and Sour Pork and Yang-chow Fried Rice. I like the soft-chewed pork with evenly taste of sweet and sour. Its not overly sauced just like the way i like it. 

Tokwa Tausi are just right but not that tasteful, I felt something from the ingredients was missing.  The Clams was tasty,  cooked with  soy sauce and  kinsay. Even if you just boiled it, it will taste real good.

The Beef  does not leave a good impression to me, that is why I didn't even remembered if it's a beef steak or oyster beef. The Vegetables, cooked just like chopsuey but they used ground pork on it and as you've seen on the picture, it mostly have the hard part of the pechay baguio.

Pork Hot Salad was really bad, it's not the usual taste of shrimp hot salad from Islands Fisherman and President's Tea House, while their Pancit Canton are so so dry.

I was not able to taste their Pasta Noodles with Red and White Sauce. It's just a plain sauce, no beef or whatsoever.

Appetizers consists of California Maki, Deviled Eggs and Century Eggs. I didn't ate century eggs and deviled eggs. If you are eating California maki in a Japanese Restaurant, you will say that it lacks  of something. California Maki is my favorite and I should know.


Mini Cupcakes
Maja Blanca
There are more variants of fruits such as rambutan and orange. Also Buchi and other desserts. It's hard to took pictures of the food because they easily got consumed.

I also didn't like the crowd that time. Some people almost emptied the buffet just to find out later that they didn't finished their food. Urg...too bad.

Anyway, all in all, we just enjoy ourselves for what we have and availed. Its also served as a nice family bonding and just right for the price we paid. The drinks are not included in the buffet price. They served a family size softdrinks.


TRAMWAY Bayview Buffet
(formerly Dragon Gate)
1600 Roxas Blvd. cor Layug St.,
Pasay City
Tel.Nos. : 536-0401 / 536-0402

website:  http://www.tramwaybuffet.com/

Store Hours:  11:00am -  3:00pm
                            6:00pm - 10:00pm

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